10 Tips To Lose Weight In A Very Easy Way

10 Tips To Lose Weight In A Very Easy Way

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10 Tips To Lose Weight In A Very Easy Way


Spring is my favorite season “I’ve always loved the warm days of spring, but not so much in the summer. It is not the day, stifling hot, making my dislike long summer” I just never really looked forward to it because heat meant much less fabric to hide behind me. And that meant the frustration of struggling to find dresses and skirts, which helped compensate for my pear-shaped. Not funny. But this year, I decided that I was sick with fear summer, “it was time to do something about it.
A few months ago I put on a health kick to shed a few pounds publish child, and I am proud to say that I lost 9 pounds in as many weeks, without having to go to the gym or jogging. I also had a couple of days “special” where it has been a birthday, anniversary, holiday or other event, but I have not set it up again. You can read about my journey weight loss here, where I was a mother motivating above to lose the baby weight.

As we shall always be grateful and loving of our body, a healthy body is so important. With a healthier body, we have more energy, a stronger immune system, a state of mind happy and carefree, improved confidence and self esteem, we can expect a longer shelf life and we sleep better, “which are all important for mummies busy! It is not your form” but all about how it feels.


Ready for summer Tip:  1. Get rid of the white!

White flour, white potatoes, white pasta, and white rice “get rid of them or reduce them significantly. When you consume these” white “, the level of blood sugar dramatically spike, like throwing gasoline on the fire before dousing with a host of ice water. The causes of inflammation in the body as well, even your brain. It’s not good for your body, or your state of mind “a poor diet that includes some wheat and sugar He can make you tired, grumpy and also feel depressed.

Making the transition to whole wheat, sweet potatoes, whole wheat pasta and rice “these things have a much higher nutritional value and taste great! A gluten-free alternative to pasta I like is rice noodles.
I also replaced the normal wraps or sandwiches with whole wheat bread mountain “so yummy.

On weekends for breakfast, my partner began to make some delicious wraps egg curry for me, so I do not feel I’m missing out on a cooked breakfast, which I love so dear! I wrap mountain bread, boiled eggs with a little ‘curry with spinach leaves, mushrooms and tomato.
For lunch I usually make one of the three most important things:

  • Chicken or mountain ham wraps packaged bread with lettuce and a bit of mustard
  • Tuna, salmon or spinach chicken salad with tomatoes, avocado and lots of seeds or even better
  • Homemade pizzas

I did a lot of pizzas homemade and I think tastes better than store brought pizzas have toppings that are highly processed and full of gluten and wheat.

I fold a sheet mountain broke in half, cover with tomato paste, add a teaspoon of garlic and herbs and Smooch around. So I go crazy with a variety of toppings, which I mix and match, including:

  • spinach leaves
  • feta
  • Leftover roasted sweet potatoes or pumpkin
  • Onion
  • avocado
  • Leftover roast lamb / pork / beef, diced up
  • Sometimes a light sprinkle of cheese

It is up to your imagination and taste for what you want to include, but think of vegetables and wholesome flavors that do not involve the processing to be done. As the saying goes, you should eat only what you can take, hunting and gathering.

Ready for summer Tip:  2. Switch fats

The only two oils that I have in my house is extra virgin olive oil and extra virgin coconut oil. I prefer coconut oil for all my needs in the kitchen “, while some may say that should be avoided because of the calories, it’s actually a super healthy oil has anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral” no I cannot get enough of it. It is great for your immune system, metabolism, helps regulate sugar in the blood, does wonders for your skin and more.

A study also showed that coconut oil can help women lose belly fat. It concludes: It seems that supplementation with coconut oil does not cause dyslipidemia and seems to promote a reduction in abdominal obesity. Coconut oil is brilliant if you are pregnant or breastfeeding because your child receive benefits too.

As for cooking oil, coconut oil is very stable oil, which is more resistant to heat damage than many other common oils. Extra virgin olive oil also may be subject to oxidative damage, when used in cooking and exposed to oxygen. Another problem with most commercially produced oils is that they are already rancid. Hard to believe, yes, but the best way to choose your oils is the latest date collection that most brands do not appear on the packaging. Avoid buying bulk oil, which leaves more likely to go away, and will be the unhealthiest in your body.

If you have other vegetable oils in your home, such as rapeseed oil “get rid of it. It’s even worse for your health to be extremely refined and quickly go rancid. If his deodorized can be converted into fat acid. Large amount of canola are genetically modified. Enough said.
Make sure you eat a lot of healthy fats from avocado, fish and healthy nuts.

Ready for summer Tip:  3. Up Your Water, cut other sugary drinks

Our body contains a large percentage of water “if you do not drink enough of it, you can steal energy, concentration, your metabolism is running as efficiently as it could, and general health problems. Each cell of our body needs water, so you can imagine what is happening around your body when you are dehydrated. Remember that when you are thirsty, you are already on the way.

It can be a challenge to drink more water, here are some tips:

  • Keep a bottle of drink on hand, wherever you go, and have “no reason to down a lot of water at one time to be effective. Try and sip every 15 minutes, around the clock if it is easier.
  • Set an alarm / alert phone every hour to drink a bit ‘of water. I have a small glass on my windowsill in the kitchen, so there does not seem a huge challenge to drink every hour.
  • Pop a slice of lemon, lime or other fruit to give it a tang! Lemon is especially good for your body.

Any drink containing caffeine has a diuretic effect / desiccant, which is not great during pregnancy or lactation. While drinking a cup of coffee, you may end up more dehydrated than the amount of water that was in it. Green tea contains caffeine actually in most brands, so do your researches before you drink green tea because it really is a drink that has been shown to help with weight loss. Check out our article on the safety of caffeine in pregnancy.

They say you are what you eat, but you are what you digest. For better digestion, try to drink 30 minutes before meals or at least 10 minutes. If you find you are very thirsty when you eat, you need to increase your intake of water-rich foods in your meals.
Even with cow’s milk are some great alternatives almond milk and oats. I love chocolate almond milk “tastes great! But I use it in my smoothie’s chocolate not only as a snack as nutrition is important for snacks. Otherwise I keep my dairy to a minimum.

Ready for summer Tip:  4. Forget Sugar!

Refined sugar does absolutely nothing good “does is to provide a very high number of calories that feeds zero. This means that you can eat a lot of it without even feeling full, which is a dangerous thing. Sugar is hidden in many foods we consume, in an attempt by food manufacturers to make us hooked on their food and drink. But sugar is also the cause of many diseases and health problems that we as a society today, let alone as an addiction that is. Many health experts seeing an increase in patients addicted to sugar that can leave you feeling more tired, grumpy and tired than usual. Sugar is bad for the health of your body, mind and teeth, is the least they consume, the better.

Majorly cuts or prohibit the sugar in your diet will result in a better mood with less mood swings, have more energy, lose weight, and most times you need less. Its amazing how quickly you start to notice the natural sweetness of fruits and other foods by cutting out all processed sugar, if only for a week and “how to take control of your palate, sending them out of the way!
If you are thinking of using artificial sweeteners, think again. They have been associated with many annoying side effects and may even end up requiring more sugar accordingly. If you must have some sort of sweetener, try natural options.

Check out these two great books to understand how refined sugar is really like a poison “Sweet Poison: Why sugar makes us fat and The Sweet Poison Quit Plan.

Ready for summer Tip:  5. do not keep it in your house!

Do not buy things that are not going to help you with your health kick. You will end up eating it.
I tend to notice that every time there’s a birthday cake is left in the refrigerator for several days and is eaten every day until his past “just because it’s there! What you have in your home, it is usually be tempted to eat. If you’re going to lose a few pounds, prohibit ice cream, chocolate or whatever your weakness is diet. Fill your home with healthy snacks and you will see how easy it is to eat healthy when it is not is there, but in a moment of weakness, you may find yourself making a beeline for the packets of junk food.

Ready for summer Tip:  6. you can handle at least 20 or 30 minutes a day!

A brisk walk for 20 minutes a day will make your mind and body a huge favor “, and 20 minutes is nothing in the grand scheme of your day. The important thing is just to get started, and make it a daily part of your life.
Look at it this way, “if you’ll be walking for ten minutes in one direction, you are ready to go home already! You may even end up surprised when you plan to go for 20 minutes, but end up going yet anymore. Often when you come outside and the happy hormones kicked in a few minutes, you feel much better and you want to go on! With the sun shining on these beautiful spring days, it’s just great to be outside. The vitamin D from the sun is too bright for your immune system and mood “walk’s worth of vitamin D hit alone, especially if you feel like shit.
Having trouble getting motivated to get out the door? Go put runners on “can have a surprisingly motivating. Put on some groove, turn up the music, get your dance on, and I do not think just it! Walk out the door.

I want to make me into a state of being conscious and present, and lead me out the door without engaging my mind in my huge list of things to do that I had to work, which is the main thing that keeps me from doing exercise. You only get one body and a life and have a healthy means happy. Your to-do list is much easier to break when you have more energy and joy.
Once I get going, I immerse myself in the music I love, and engage in viewing “every successful person in all areas of life will tell you that the screen was the key to their success. You have to see things in life are as good as the best of them. Many of us get stuck in to see things worse than they are. So I see it as I’m going to see and feel that I’m going to reach my goal weight. I imagine being on a beach, do not give little attention in terms of my appearance or feeling conscious of other people looking for me. In fact, love being on the beach the feeling that you get good run makes you wants to go yet faster.

If you have a child anti-wheelchair or if it is too hard to carry your baby while walking, dancing at home, to engage in 30 minutes of housework or to find ways to get your butt. This is the biggest thing you struggle with work on a computer all day, “you tend to get so drawn in technology and work may end up undermining your day.

They burn more calories standing than sitting, so if you cannot get out, find something to do in your home or garden. If you do not use, you lose! Move your way to a bum the sexiest!

Ready for summer tip:  7. Using some great free programs that work!

I use two brilliant programs that help keep me motivated and manage calories.
RunKeeper and myfitnesspal is persecutors of health and fitness, which makes losing weight easy. First, I created a profile on myfitnesspal calculated the number of calories per day, which I need to achieve the goal of healthy weight I wanted to achieve. Every day I have to add 500 extra calories cardiovascular exercise for breastfeeding. The way it works is that you add foods in the daily diary and you can see how many calories you’ve eaten and what you have left to consume. It is not as complicated as it seems, has a huge database of brands, food and how many calories are in these foods, so it’s nice and easy. There is nothing that I have not been able to get in there and you can always add new ones.

I used RunKeeper to track my fitness and calorie burn, I would go into myfitnesspal. It’s amazing how easy it is when you see everything in front of you! RunKeeper also sends reminders to work out, and you can connect both applications with friends to motivate each other!
Understanding calories is another key element to help understand how I need to lose weight. You can also calculate your BMI and BMR on Losing Baby Weight with a small tool at hand.

Ready for summer Tip:  8. Get better sleep

I know it is quite difficult for many mothers, but a better night’s sleep will help your metabolism, immune system, energy levels and mood. When we sleep, so many important functions take place, including repair of the immune system. When we are tired, we tend to want to hit junk food and caffeine rather difficult, and therefore feel less motivated to exercise.

I started forcing myself to nap during the day with my baby when she had a particularly bad night because it helps me to have a more energetic afternoon with more focus and clarity, and more often than not helps me to go out for a walk later that day. If you do exercise, do late at night can end, “you can get a better sleep if you exercise early in the day.

Avoid caffeine at night and spend the last hour before bedtime away from the screens and computer work, which helps to switch your brain off. A bath, a shower, read a book or connection time with your partner is a much better choice.

Ready for summer tip:  9. Get your salad on

Salads can be so filling and yummy.
And no, they do not have to be boring! Including green leafy vegetables in your diet, you can help also to increase the level of iron “skip the salad and try Baby spinach leaves or other green leafy vegetables,” the better.

I love these things in my salad: spinach leaves, tomatoes, avocado, tuna, fried chicken, roasted diced sweet potatoes, tomatoes, cooked rice, cooked mushrooms in coconut oil, boiled eggs, sesame seeds and feta. For a dressing, I pop in a teaspoon of olive oil and a teaspoon of balsamic “yum yum yum!

You can create many delicious salads that are a better alternative to processed carbohydrates loads lunches or dinner, and actually look forward to them.

Ready for summer tip: 10. Snack It Right

Having a healthy snack between meals, it helps to give your metabolism a boost and ward off any hunger pangs.
Especially during pregnancy and breastfeeding, you want to make sure that the snacks you eat are nutritious, filling snacks. Some of my favorites, nutritious snacks include:

  • Ryvita is topped with avocado, or fat cream cheese with tomato slices
  • A boiled egg “, can be surprisingly filling, proteins
  • A basin of probiotic yogurt, fruit, raw vegetables, slice of my favorite fat banana bread “list is endless!
  • A small handful of almonds
  • Carrot sticks

The goal of snacks of about 100 to 200 calories, remember to take into account the extra calories if your breastfeeding or pregnant.

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