15 Things To Avoid When You Visit a Newborn Baby

15 Things To Avoid When You Visit a Newborn Baby

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15 Things To Avoid When You Visit a Newborn Baby Dear friends and relatives, who are anxiously waiting for an invitation to visit a newborn baby.
New parents are tired. So tired.

They are excited, overwhelmed, in love, fear, and proud of it, but for the most part, they are tired.
They do not have the energy to a conversation awkward, and certainly, can not stomach comparison, so here’s a list of things they don’t want you to do when you visit their newborn child:

The thing to avoid # 1: Smoking

Some hospitals now Smoking customers to wear hospital gowns over their clothes, when you hold a baby. Third-hand smoke is bad for your health, and experts now warn parents to take action against the third-hand smoke.
When you visit a baby, so make sure you wear fresh, clean clothes. If you smoke in your home, even your clothes clean smell of cigarettes, so ask if you can borrow a jumper before you hold the baby. Do not smoke before or during the visit, even outside.

The thing to avoid # 2: drink hot beverages while holding baby

There’s nothing scarier than the sight of a friend while sipping hot tea boiling on the head of your newborn child.
By all means, have a cup of tea, just don’t drink while holding the new baby.

Things to avoid # 3: assuming you can take your children

Being a new mom is a bit “like taking a break from reality. Her world has just been bowled in the most wonderful way is possible, and every moment is consumed with the feed, diaper and overwhelming love.
There are these new families in the warm, cozy bubble of their home. They are talking in low voices, sing lullabies and stroll sleepy cradling their babies. Nothing broke the happy bubble quite like the swirl of other people’s children. No matter how nice, well-behaved and friendly your children are, you better not take guests are invited.
While some new parents want them to visit, others prefer just having adult guests for the first few weeks. Offer to leave your kids at home for your first visit, and see what they say, new parents.

Things to avoid # 4: being late

It is not that new parents think that the world is spinning around them, and are not really being overbearing or take themselves too seriously-I’m just very tired and have so many people who want to visit and steal snuggle with the new baby.
They were supposed to find the time for everyone to visit and try to ensure that they have the energy to stay awake during the visits, so please turn in time. And if you are late, please let them know as soon as possible.

Things to avoid # 5: not wash your hands

The hands may look clean, but they are likely to contain bacteria from the outside world.
Think of all the things you’ve touched since washed his hands, and then imagine going through all of the potential bacteria against the new baby, who has not yet developed a strong immune system. Be sure to wash your hands before you hold the new baby.
Even with washed hands, kissing a child on the lips or putting fingers in the baby’s mouth is one of the biggest pet peeves of a new parent.
Some families are busy out to get vaccinated to protect your child from germs and diseases. But keep in mind that people recently vaccinated, can be unknowingly spread of the disease have been vaccinated against. For example, read our article on facts and tips a whooping cough.


The thing to avoid # 6: Waking The Baby

15 Things To Avoid When You Visit a Newborn Baby This seems like a no-brainer, but unfortunately, some customers take it upon themselves to interfere with children’s sleep. You may be desperate to see these beautiful big eyes, but I can assure you that probably murky color at this time, and you will be able to get a better idea on the eye color on your next visit.
Infants sleep for 18 hours a day, and that sleep is very important for development. Not only that, the parents have recently spent a few hours comforting their crying baby to finally get the baby to sleep. Remember, the person who goes out of their way to wake the child rarely invited back quickly.
Things to avoid # 7: Coming Over and sick
There is not much you can do to avoid getting sick, but you can cancel the appointment to meet with the new baby. New parents will probably feel worn out, and their immune system may be compromised as a result.
Beyond that, there is a baby, who has not yet been exposed to the many bacteria and viruses out there. So do the right thing and stay away until you feel better and no longer contagious, so parents don’t have to worry about taking care of a new baby sick.

Things to avoid # 8: pushing for a cuddle

This may seem a bit ‘ strange, after all, you are there to visit the baby, so why don’t you should expect a cuddle?
Keep in mind, however, that the mother is likely to be the feeling of tiredness, hormonal and emotional, so give her a chance to offer the child a cuddle. You may be waiting for the next feed, or just had a cuddle with her baby after the last set of party guests, so wait until the mother gives you a cuddle.

The thing to avoid # 9: Team Waiting For A Baby Cries

15 Things To Avoid When You Visit a Newborn Baby When babies cry, is it time to deliver them to their parents. The child may be hungry, they need to change, or just misses the smell of his mother. Whatever it is, it’s likely to have their parents back.
Like new parents will appreciate the possibility of slipping in the bathroom or enjoy a hot drink while holding the child, parents more or less programmed to react immediately on the cry of their children.

The thing to avoid # 10: Leave a mess

When you leave the House, there should be signs were always there.
Clean up the wrapping paper gift, you brought, washing your cup before you leave and make sure that new parents don’t have work to do as a result of your visit.

The thing to avoid # 11: Staring during breastfeeding or doing face breastfeeding

15 Things To Avoid When You Visit a Newborn Baby Breastfeeding is hard, especially in the beginning. The new mother and baby are both learn new skills and are very likely to encounter some problems along the way. Not everyone, of course, but some new mothers feel pressure when other people are present in the feed. Getting a baby to latch onto can be difficult, and the new mother may feel exposed his eyes to see into the room.
The key to being a good guest is to carry on as if nothing had happened. Keep talking, keep eye contact and please, please don’t do it face breastfeeding. This is a face that friends and family uncomfortable pull your baby lock. The new mom understands your facial expressions, and it makes you uncomfortable. Breastfeeding is natural so that the natural with it.

The thing to avoid # 12: ignoring hunger signals

If you don’t have children, you can be forgiven for not knowing hunger signals displayed by infants.
Babies cry when they are hungry, but not the first thing he will do-crying is a signal delay hunger. In the first place, children will eradicate around trying to find a nipple, put your fingers in your mouth and be restless. These behaviors are the first sign that the baby is hungry, by the time the child starts to cry and sorry, it is far more difficult to achieve a proper lock. If you notice any signs of hunger, to offer the child back to her mother.


The thing to avoid # 13: giving unsolicited advice

If you are specifically asked for advice, great, give it. If not, you must not join the hundreds of entries already tell these brand new parents how to do things the right way. ” Just listen, offer support, and they know that if they want your advice, they will ask.

The thing to avoid # 14: Welcome to your outstaying

It is difficult, because how do you know when you’ve outstayed your welcome? You can certainly judge this by the new parents when they begin to look as if they are late, they probably are. I’m exhausted, and as much as he loves the company is a serious need for sleep. Aside from that, they need a little time as a family to work on their new bond.
As a general rule, two hours is the longest you should remain, but many customers prefer a visit even shorter than that. Please make sure that they know you will not be offended if they ask you to leave, but also be sure to keep an eye on the time, yourself so that you don’t inadvertently outstay your welcome.

The things to be avoided # 15: expected to be served

It can be really tiring for new parents if their visitors simply sit and expect to be provided with beverages, meals or any other form of hospitality. The phase of the newborn is a short, but intense one, and can be very useful if you need to make cups of tea, help with dinner, or even better-bring food for everyone to share.
It may seem a bit ‘ too much, especially if you have never had support or nurture alone, however, would not be wonderful if we brought back the society and gave new mothers and their partners the support they desperately need? Perhaps then we could help to reduce the number of 1 to 7 new mothers experience postpartum depression, unfortunate.

All mothers and fathers are different and appreciate the different levels of support. While this list is definitely not everyone’s Cup of tea, they are the points that have been made more than once for new mothers. Set your antennae out, start with the list, and ask for all the answers. The best thing you can do is ask, assume or take it for yourself to do what you want for yourself. This is key to maintaining strong and close relationships to those who just had a baby.

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