The Bedtime Story, Tales You Can Share With Your Kids

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Seven Tales To Tell And Dream Before Bedtime

The Bedtime Story, Tales You Can Share With Your Kids

There are few more tender moments in the day than when at last, tucked into bed, tucked in and quiet (more or less …) we stood by his side and read them a story. It is of those moments that always remain engraved in the memory, in his because we open the door to the fantasy with our reading and in ours because we feel really important in their lives. However, every time we read fewer stories because we have less time to do it.

We bring you seven stories to tell and dream before you sleep or when you think it’s best for all of us. Getting lost in the hands of our children in one of their books can be one of the best destinations we ever have. Let’s break this bad habit! Let’s regain the time to read a story and enjoy this time together that escapes us.

A study was recently published in the United Kingdom in which it was known that only thirteen out of one hundred British parents, parents and mothers, read a bedtime story to their children. How long can we invest in this reading? Twenty? Thirty minutes? We know that it is a very special moment for them and we know because few experts have pointed it out on numerous occasions, which is an important moment for the education of our children.

However, even though we all know this, our way of life, our stress, our working hours, we are increasingly difficult to spend that time with our children. That time of reading just before they fall asleep.


Reading a story stimulates your intellectual development, enrich your vocabulary, arouse your curiosity, helps you to acquire more concentration, enhances your imagination, makes it easier to sleep and something very important especially for us as your parents and mothers, reading a bedtime story makes the bonding bond. It would be so nice to get it, wouldn’t it? Getting home, at least when they get into bed, at least when they are ready to dream but no, it’s not easy.
With the schedules, we cannot lend a hand but to compensate we propose some books to enjoy together, perhaps not at night, perhaps during the weekend or free days or holidays. Maybe we have to find the time to get carried away by these delicacies.

“If I were older …” by Éva Janikovczky

It is a classic, published in the year 1965 it recovers it now with very good criterion the editorial Silonia. Éva Janikovczky was one of the most influential authors of Hungarian literature. She was focusing on the everyday life, and the relationships between children and adults, perhaps in this simplicity and that daily life resides the charm that has fallen in love with different generations of children since the years 70 ‘ of the whole world since it has translated into more than twenty different languages. How unfair it is to be a child when you see the world through a child’s eyes!
The illustrations are by László Réber, one of the best-known Hungarian illustrators in his country, especially for his children’s illustrations. The self-taught illustrator who, curiously learned this art in the field of Russian prisoners in which he was captive after the Second World War. You can get it at Amazon for €14.16.

“The Slanted Book” by Peter Newell

Yes, just to see it, when we catch it we realize that we have a book when less original. Although the story is a poem that slides through each of the slanted pages of this book, is simple and fun reading, is perfect for a night reading and that the dream of our auditorium, our children, start with a smile.

At home, we have the edition of Thule, and it is a trip at the beginning of the twentieth century just look at its cover and go through each of the illustrations that mark the book and are of a fun tenderness. Peter Newell, the author, was born in the late nineteenth century in Illinois and that is noticeable in his style, in his language and especially in his illustrations.

He made an illustration of classics and wrote different books for children in addition to illustrating them as well. At Amazon, you find it for €14.16.

“The Dwarves of Mantua” of Gianni Rodari

Talking about Rodari are first words as far as children’s literature is concerned. We have at home the Steam Boat Edition and the history of these dwarves we have read it several times. My children grow and yet continue to learn from this story, not in vain ours is the fourteenth edition and dates from the year 2002, as of today I have no clear why edition will already walk the editorial.

Rodari has been one of the renovators of children’s literature without a doubt, but not only, but also of teaching and education. He got numerous awards and has become one of the authors of reference when we want to search for quality stories to read our children or for them to go reading to us as they get older. You can find it at Amazon for just €5.

“The daring in search of the Treasure” by Elsa Punset.

It is never too much to talk about emotions with our children, talk about the right to express theirs and that nothing and no one can and should never judge them for doing so. I like to try some issues that can be complicated in a “subtle” way, and this book for that is perfect.

The editorial Beascoa has embarked on this project to edit the stories that Elsa Punset has invented from the need that we all, children and adults, to develop more and better our emotional intelligence, managing our emotions. If you see that there is a problem of self-esteem at home in one of your children … do not hesitate to support these “daring” and the advice that as a game are posed once the story is over. On the hardcover, at Amazon, you have it at €14.21.

“You’re not a lizard” by Concha López Narváez

If there were a kind of “wardrobe fund” for children’s libraries, this would certainly be part of it. It is an essential book, simple but forceful. Of those books that are read and re-read and understood without the need for explanation and children can take the learning that encloses to their day to day.

Our edition is from Anaya, and although it is recommended for children from the age of six, I have read it to my children with some year less, and we continue to reading with some more year, from time to time. Of those stories that should be remembered, even with the older ones, so they change the viewpoints sometimes only over time. You can get it at Amazon for less than €8.

“Thus turns the Earth” of Martine Laffon

Four huge Giants come out of the trip, and there begins this story written by the doctor in philosophy Martine Laffon and who edits Silonia with mime and eager to hook the little ones with the fine illustrations of Mayumi Otero.

The format is Big Book but Skinny, is comfortable to handle and the story is so delicious that surely more than once will ask you to tell you to try to discover the world from magic and imagination. It is a book that to us (mostly but not to tell my children) has fallen in love with us. At Amazon, they have it for 17 ‘ € 10.

“Marie Curie” by Jordi Bayarri

One day we’ll have to talk to the author of this magnificent comic book collection. Yes, it is a comic about Marie Curie’s life, at home, we read it in three or four nights, not because it is too long, but because my children were aroused curiosity that women could not study, the First World War, radioactivity.

So sometimes you had to stop reading to explain some things and answer your questions. Personally, it is something that I love about those nocturnal readings; I do not know if you will also happen to you if so this collection of comics that are edited thanks to the crowd funding and that are pampered to the last detail, is perfect for your children and you. On paper, you can find it on Amazon for less than €12.
Well, it’s on our side, the material is on the table, now you have to steal a few minutes to the clock to give our children in the form of reading some of these stories.

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