Breastfeeding Why Mom Should Do Breastfeeding, All About Breastfeeding

Breastfeeding Why Mom Should Do Breastfeeding, All About Breastfeeding

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Breastfeeding for children

Breast-feeding through toddlerhood is not a fad or a new parental craze. In fact, it is a normal and natural part of children’s development.
Who recommends breastfeeding in the first six months of life, and that breastfeeding continue until the second birthday of a child.

Breastfeeding Why Mom Should Do Breastfeeding, All About Breastfeeding

There are many advantages to breastfeeding childhood past that not widely and therefore known.
Unfortunately, this is because no one will take advantage of breastfeeding, which is infant formula.

Why is breastfeeding rarely promoted?

Breastfeeding Why Mom Should Do Breastfeeding, All About Breastfeeding

One of the hardest things about breastfeeding a baby, except half the stunts that power two years are very partial, are the reactions that can be found by friends, family, and strangers. Breastfeeding past childhood is not a “standard” set in Western culture. It may not have been something that also consciously decided to create; many women simply wake up one morning with the knowledge that they are breast-feeding a baby. They are just like your child, listen to your child and meet its basic needs.
Your child is still your child, regardless of whether they are 9, 10, 11, or 12 months. There is a big difference to do when they wake up one morning to look like a child for a child in full scale and does not need or want the breasts.
Like everything else in parenting, breastfeeding is a journey. And it can be hard to explain to friends and family when they question your choices. One of the questions you may be asked a lot is “why are you still breastfeeding? ‘, Usually asked with an edge of Dom, triggered by a reaction to it is not a pleasant ‘ norm ‘ rather than from a position of genuine curiosity.

So why would you continue to breastfeed your baby?

Breastfeeding Why Mom Should Do Breastfeeding, All About Breastfeeding

1: Why breastfeeding for children should usually done

Okay, maybe not now here in this room, where you will be monitored as an animal with two heads, but forget it! There are women all over the world feeding infants, children, and others. And ‘ normal and natural, and you are not alone.

2: Why is it good for immunity

Breast milk is rich in antibodies and live cells, which helps to strengthen the child’s immune system. The immune system is not as fully mature until about four years or five, so the child will still be eligible for immunity is provided through breast milk.
The American Academy of Family Physicians says that children who are weaned before two years have an increased risk of disease. Breastfed babies have been shown to fall sick less, and recover faster than children who are not breastfed.

3: Why it is good for a healthy development of the brain

Numerous studies have highlighted the link between breastfeeding and intelligence. You may be interested to know that the duration of breastfeeding also influenced the outcome and that longer breastfeeding was associated with higher cognitive abilities. A New Zealand study found that breastfeeding past 12 months reduced the risk of behavioral problems in children aged six to eight years.

4: because it gives comfort

There is nothing wrong with breastfeeding just to give comfort. Comfort is so important, especially for children who are developing, changing and growing on an almost daily basis. Breastfeeding provides a quick and easy way to help your baby calm and connect. A bump or fall easily can be relieved with a feed. Breastfeeding also has the advantage to offer pain relief, so breastfeeding can also ease the discomfort of the child after a fall or during illness.

5: why are the nourishing

Changes of breast milk for the baby’s growth and the milk is produced after the first birthday; your child will be very different from the milk that you produced for your newborn. For the little ones need a high-fat content in their diet, and to answer this question, the fat content of your milk will increase. Clever, isn’t it?
According to a study from 2001, 448 ml breast milk can give 12-23 months with:

  • more than one-quarter of its energy needs
  • more than one-third of its protein needs and football
  • Three-quarters of its vitamin A and folate requirements
  • more than half of its needs for vitamin C
  • over 90 percent of its needs for vitamin B12

Breast milk is rich in nutrients, and these continue to enjoy your child develops long past childhood. Many mothers continue to breastfeed past childhood is that the advantage of this is more obvious when their children are sick. Have a bad son, who has not eaten for several days can be daunting, but if you are breastfeeding, so at least you know your child has been getting some fluids, kill germ cells, and essential nutrients through breast milk.
If you want to see something remarkable and to be even more amazed at the milk booby, see the impressively long list of ingredients in breast milk.

6: Why Weaning does not happen yet

If you’re waiting for your baby while weaning, or slowly introduce weaning at a pace that the child is comfortable with, the real reason you still breastfeeding is simply that weaning has not yet happened. You do not need to run this process; you can take as long as the child needs. You can choose to set a date to work towards, or just slowly begin to reduce feed kickstart the process of weaning.

When you decide to begin weaning your child, it depends on you and your child. In short, it’s nobody else’s business.

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