Get Pregnant When a Man Turns To Be a Woman

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Three Japanese Politicians “Get Pregnant” To Serve As An Example To Stewardship At Home

The millenary Japanese culture has many positive aspects and others that are not so much, as the rootedness of traditional gender roles that make women, at home, perform up to seven times more tasks than Japanese men.

To serve as an example, three Japanese politicians have been “pregnant” with a waistcoat of seven kilos of weight, with which they aim to promote the equitable distribution of tasks and serve as an example to co-responsibility in the home.

Get Pregnant When a Man Turns To Be a Woman

False bellies of pregnant, waistcoats with which for a while, they can physically feel a part of what a woman in a state of gestation feels.

Obviously, it is incomplete, with these vests are not going to suffer all the other symptoms that imply a pregnancy for the body of a woman but it is a step to overcome gender roles strongly rooted in the culture and Japanese society.

This time there have been three governors from the southwestern prefectures who have lent themselves to this campaign that seeks to encourage men to collaborate more in the home.

Away from equality

Only a few weeks ago we knew about the existence of parenting courses, developed by the Ikumen University of Tokyo, to facilitate the union among the young.

The figures of young virgins between 18 and 34 years, is approached in the Japanese country to 60%, a fact that worried the authorities and encouraged them to start these kinds of courses with which they pretend that men learn the basic care of the baby.

They have to acquire basic knowledge that they can then put into practice when they have a partner, and thus all the weight of the aging does not exclusively fall on the woman as it happens today.

In the first session of the course, among other activities, the participants placed a kind of jackets of around seven kilos of weight.

With them, they tried to simulate the weight of a pregnancy and through this activity, it was intended that they put themselves in the skin of the woman when it is in this state, and he/she has to carry out the daily chores of a house.
At the beginning of the year, we also told you the story of Kensuke Miyazaki, a Japanese politician who openly declared his intention to apply for paternity leave, as contemplated by the law in his country, when his son was born.

Get Pregnant When a Man Turns To Be a Woman

These statements generated an avalanche of widespread criticism in their country. And criticisms even among their party partners and that one of the priorities of the Japanese Government remains that the number of parents receiving paternity leave arrives in 2020 to at least 13%, a very distant figure of the current 2%.

Fighting tradition in search of equality is what some Japanese politicians and universities want with measures like these.

The Japanese politician who defies the age-old machismo of his country by asking for paternity leave.

Kensuke Miyazaki, 34 years old, is currently generating a real tsunami in Japan’s politics by declaring that he plans to receive his right to enjoy paternity leave by the time his son is born in the coming months.

Get Pregnant When a Man Turns To Be a Woman

So we can say that we are a kind of Ronin, that samurai who roamed without the master of feudal Japan, as the idea has sat as a jug of cold water within its ranks, the Liberal Democrat party. We could say that we are facing the Japanese politician who defies the age-old machismo of his country by asking for paternity leave.

A permit that only enjoys 2.3% of Japanese parents compared to 60% of working mothers

And it is that it is not well seen in Japanese culture that men stay in the care of the children, relapsing this over the mother and charging the father of the one who brings the money. What does this sound like to me?

Parents have a paternity leave of 12 months with 60% of the salary, but still few males enjoy it.

Give an example to other Japanese parents

Miyazaki says he hopes that his decision will serve as an example to other parents to decide to spend more time with his children, especially in the first three years, because it is when his personality is being friend.

It should be remembered that one of the priorities of the Japanese Prime Minister, Shinzo Abe, is to promote the incorporation and continuity of women to the labor market and therefore hopes that this scarce 2% of men who receive paternity leave increase to 13% in 2020.

But it seems that they are going to have difficult enough because Miyazaki has suffered harsh criticisms from the “hard wing” of his party that have accused him of “damaging the reputation of all parliamentarians.” Other voices accuse you of wasting taxpayers ‘ money by forcing them to pay your permission, or wondering why you don’t choose to hire a babysitter. And in Japan, it is understood that if you take a fall for that reason is that you are not very involved in your work.

You see that no matter what part of the world you are in, the excuses are always the same and are that it still gives more fear a tantrum or diaper change than the closing of the annual accounting.

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