Healthy Way for Losing Weight, A Book Tells You How To Lose Weight In a Healthy Way

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Healthy Way for Losing Weight, A Book Tells You How To Lose Weight In a Healthy Way

The healthiest method to lose weight is not drastic diets, nor the latest diet fad or miraculous, extravagant or strange diets, nor should you start a plan of exercise in a sudden or very intense. People who eat too much tolerate badly stop eating abruptly.

The body does not adapt easily to sudden changes in diet or exercise. A person who has never exercised, cannot start running several kilometers, as this cannot produce more than injuries, or even serious cardiovascular complications. Exercise should be started little by little, if possible supervised by an experienced person.

Changes must be made slowly. Leftover calories that are eaten and not consumed while exercising are inevitably stored as fat. Be confident that if you increase the exercise you do and maintain the same diet you will lose weight even slowly. Even light exercise, such as walking, is beneficial when performed on a regular basis.

How to exercise in a fun way

We are all different in our tastes and, therefore, in the type of exercise that we prefer. It is very important to find the activity that best suits our body, our taste, our time and our pocket. In this way, the exercise can be integrated as an activity more than the usual routine and continue on a regular basis, despite possible setbacks and obligations of all kinds that demand our daily attention.

For people who do not like exercising in a gym, there are other alternatives that can be more fun:

  • You can take advantage of and extend the walks in the park or on the beach or the field taking the food or snack and thus better control what you eat.
  • Always use the ladder instead of the elevator. Each step helps and improves the functioning of your heart.
  • Get off the bus or the metro one or more stops before and complete the walk.
  • Try to exercise on a static bike while watching some TV shows you usually see from the couch.

It is relatively common to see that slimming becomes a dangerous obsession and can fall into an eating disorder.

Decrease the calories you eat

For most people it is beneficial to eat a healthy diet and consume fewer calories. No radical changes in the diet are necessary that can weaken the person and discourage him or her, as this facilitates cycles of weight loss followed by rapid recoveries of lost weight, even above the starting weight.

Perhaps the most important thing is to reduce fatty and sugary foods like sausages, cheeses, some meats, pastries, etc … and eat more vegetables, fruits and vegetables. Eating 300-500 Kcal less per day can produce a weight loss of up to ½ kg per week. This is a realistic goal, which if maintained for a year would mean a loss of 22kg.

Drink water instead of juices or carbonated drinks or beer, drink water before meals, avoid sating, always take starter salads or soups, avoid snacks and take smaller portions help you lose weight without drastically changing your diet. The important thing is to follow a balanced diet. Take our test and check if it is your case.
You should also limit eating between hours and alcohol consumption. All these modifications will contribute to improve your health.

Keep track of your weight

Be aware of your weight development over time and keep track of your progress by weighing it once or twice a week before breakfast.

Be patient and persevere

The results on weight are never immediate, no one wins or loses several kilos in weeks (except in very special circumstances). Wait a month until you see the results but do not expect miracles; Although losing little weight, losing is what counts.
Allow yourself some reward for your goals, but never in the form of food or snacks, anything that satisfies you, less food. Share your progress with friends and others with similar problems: the encouragement of other people is important and can also bring you interesting experiences.

A person who is determined to lose weight does not have to completely eliminate cakes and other “delicatessen”, but you need to learn to enjoy and taste these foods in small quantities.
Every time you exercise you burn calories and fat, but you should not be impatient because the results are slow and slow to appreciate. Remember that there are no miracle methods to lose weight in a healthy and reasonable way.

Health Risks Associated with Obesity

Some studies indicate that women who lose 5 to 10 kg reduce their risk of diabetes by half, and men also significantly reduce the risk of heart disease. Hypertension is also better controlled in people who suffer from it if they lose weight. While it is young it may seem that these problems only have to worry about the future; But the harmful effects of obesity arrive soon. We age gradually over time and sooner or later our body will accuse the effects of how it has lived. Losing weight gets better, without the associated problems of many diseases.

People generally gain weight as their age advances. The increase in weight compared to that at age 18 means an increase in the risk of suffering from diseases associated with being overweight. This risk becomes important when you gain more than 10kg. For example, women who are overweight at age 18 increase the risk of cardiac arrest seven times over those who do not gain weight, and it appears that they also double the risk of cancer.

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