Hello My Name Is, 12 Royal Baby Names As a Prince Or Princess

Hello My Name Is, 12 Royal Baby Names As a Prince Or Princess

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Hello My Name Is, 12 Royal Baby Names As a Prince Or Princess

The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge have recently welcomed the second bundle of joy, to choose the beautiful name, Charlotte. Prince George was promoted to big brother, and he will be proud of it!

One thing that is certain is that every time the Royals choose baby names are likely to enjoy a surge in popularity in the coming months and years. The name of Prince George, so the name George jumps to a higher position 10, as parents have chosen this name for their little princes. Charlotte is already a popular name, and never strays too far away from the top lists of names, but are expected to jump even higher thanks to the new Princess.
12 Royal baby names

Here are 12 names, which we consider suitable for your little Prince or Princess:

Hello My Name Is, 12 Royal Baby Names As a Prince Or Princess

Royal Baby Names # 1: Alexandra

Alexandra Name is said to be a favorite of Kate during her first pregnancy. Queen Alexandra established at the beginning of the 20th century. Century and some other Royals enjoy this as a middle name.

Royal Baby Names # 2: Arthur

Unlike some of the other real names, Arthur is currently a rather elegant for a child. This year the name was revived and is growing in popularity. King Arthur was the leader of the Knights of the round table and is well recognized as a real name. As Arthur means ‘ bear ‘ and is derived from the Celtic languages.

Royal Baby Names # 3: Charlotte

You can not choose a name more real Charlotte right now! The wife and daughter of George II shared as Charlotte, though it is not often recognized as a real name for the general public. The name is of French origin and means ‘ free man ‘. The name is often thought of as elegant, sophisticated and feminine, making it the perfect choice for a Princess.

Royal Baby Names # 4: Diana

Diana was chosen as the second name for Princess Charlotte. Many new parents honor their lost loved ones when choosing baby names, and the Royals are no different. Prince William has been very close to his mother, Princess Diana, so it was expected that he would pay tribute to her if he had a daughter. The name comes from Latin and means “divine”.

Royal Baby Names # 5: Elizabeth

Another one of the middle names of Princess Charlotte Elizabeth paying tribute to his great-grandmother and the current Queen of England. Elizabeth is probably one of the most recognized real names in modern society, after all, is the name of the current monarch. Queen Elizabeth was on the throne for more than 60 years.

Royal Baby Names # 6: Frederick

Hello My Name Is, 12 Royal Baby Names As a Prince Or Princess

Federico is another traditional real name that exists in the entire history of the British monarchy. Once considered outdated, this name had a return of nicknamed Freddie becomes more popular. The name means ‘ peaceful sovereign “, so it is a very appropriate choice for a member of the Royal family.

Royal Baby Names # 7: Henry

Henry is another name that enjoys some attention with the recent love for the names of the era. It is a traditional real name, with Henry VIII is one of the clearest examples. The name comes from German and means ‘ ruler summer ‘, which is quite comfortable for a Prince or a Princess!

Royal Baby Names # 8: James

James is another traditional name Royal, popular throughout British history. This is an Anglo-Saxon name and has remained popular to this day. One could argue that this name has never fallen out of fashion, which makes it a popular choice for the royals and all others.

Royal Baby Names # 9: Philip

Philip is the name of the Duke of Edinburgh, and are traditionally accepted as a real name. Prince Philip is married to the Queen; the name Philip is of Greek origin and means ‘ lover of horses ‘. Traditionally a biblical name, Filippo was the name of one of the 12 Apostles.

Royal Baby Names # 10: Victoria

Queen Victoria is one of the most famous rulers and is currently the longest-serving monarch in British history. This name is strongly associated with the British monarch thanks to Queen Victoria, but it still feels like a modern and elegant choice for a little girl.
Royal Baby Names # 11: William
Currently second in line to the throne, Prince William gives this name associations Reali. The second name timeless still popular today. There are some potential nicknames, including the Bill, Billy, Will and Wills.

Royal Baby Names # 12: Zara

Zara name means “Princess”, so you can’t really get much more than real. Although not traditionally a real name, Princess Anne braved real costumes choose this exotic name for his daughter in 1980. And ‘ now widely acknowledged as a real name.

Hello My Name Is, 12 Royal Baby Names As a Prince Or Princess

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