Hormonal contraception during breastfeeding. Be careful!

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Often in the instructions for medications you can read: “contraindications: the period of breastfeeding” or “use the drug during breastfeeding can only be prescribed by a doctor.” The reason is that the medicines that the nursing mother takes, get into the milk and act not only on her, but on the baby. Therefore, it is so important to choose the right medicine that will not harm.

Hormonal contraception during breastfeeding

Recently in the medical journal I read about a new hormonal contraceptive recommended for breast-feeding women. Let’s call it “preparation X”.

For a full spread of ads with a smiling woman holding a child. Signed: “Preparation X – the first contraceptive for nursing mothers with an efficiency of 99%! There is no influence on the quality and quantity of milk! There is no influence on the growth and development of the child! ”

Nearby – article about the drug: “Comparison of oral contraceptive and intrauterine device: influence on lactation and safety for mother and child.” The results of the study are presented: 42 women living in Iceland started taking the drug X 1-2 months after the birth and took it for 7 months. Medical supervision of children was carried out before the performance of 2.5 years.

The children were weighed, and the level of proteins, fats and carbohydrates was determined in breast milk. Indicators compared with the group, protected by a spiral, and said: “Hooray! There are no differences. ”

It also turned out that in the group taking the drug X, “slightly more side effects associated with the hormonal properties of the drug, both in mothers and children.” But what these side effects consisted in and how “minor” they were, is not indicated.

Then the researchers concluded that “the drug X can be considered safe for women breastfeeding.”

“Wait,” I thought, “what does the proteins, fat and carbohydrates have to do with it?” Why was not the level of hormones in breast milk determined? Why did not you study how the hormonal background of the baby is changing? I would like to know how the “contraceptives soaked with milk” affect the sexual development of girls and boys when they become slightly older. Will not they develop hormonal disorders? Will this in the future affect their ability to become parents? ”

What kind of security can be said without knowing the answers to these questions? In my opinion, there is a manipulation of facts.

Children’s endocrinologists are treated with complaints about premature sexual development (when the changes that should occur in the girl’s body in 11-12 years, begin at 5-7 years of age). It often turns out that mothers took hormonal medications to maintain their pregnancy. Preparations that also advertise as safe for the mother and child.

But one thing is to keep a pregnancy, then the risk is justified. And the other is contraception when breastfeeding, a situation that nature has already taken care of. For a nursing mother, the risk of getting pregnant in the first six months or a year of a child’s life is minimal, a phenomenon called lactational amenorrhea. But it is customary to talk about it and write less often than about birth control pills, probably because it can not be earned.

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