Let Them Play And Move Be Active

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Five Ways to Make Your Child Active

Let Them Play And Move Be Active

1. Children’s Poultry

It may be more convenient to push your child in a stroller (stroller), tie it to the car seat or put it in the grocery cart, but you are immobilizing it, a state that is not natural for children 2 to 4 years. When you’re not in a hurry, let your child walk freely (always guarded, of course).

One of the best ways to make sure your child does all the exercise he needs is to go outdoors. Kids go up, run and jump a lot more outside than when they are trapped inside a place (where they hear a lot of warnings to stop jumping on the couch, for example). So look for some safe place to play outdoors, shelter your child if necessary and carry with your balls and a toy to ride or push. Play ‘catch him or chase him’, and you’ll also get him to do some exercise.

Are you bored of your local park? Go to the beach or a lake in search of hidden treasures, or walk on a path in nature, looking for curious creatures. After dinner, venture out to a moderate hike in search of the Moon and the stars.

2. Shake, wiggle and rotate

Let Them Play And Move Be Active

When they can’t get out because it’s raining, your baby is sick, or your child has given him a tantrum because he doesn’t want to dress, put on lively or dance music. You don’t have to choose children’s music to make your little one move (we know young children who have a weakness for Shakira and Ricky Martin). Any song with a basic rhythm can achieve the desired result. Get up and enjoy with your child; You’ll both have a good time.

3. Exercise together

Let Them Play And Move Be Active

You know what you say has an impact on the way your child talks, and what you eat affects your child’s eating habits. The same goes for exercise: your child’s physical condition is strongly influenced by the way you spend your free time.

So, every time you can walk to the shops, the library or a friend’s house instead of going in the car (take a stroller, if you suspect it will get tired and, if not, it can also be useful to load the packages). Or push in a car designed to jog while running; then take it out and walk together.

At home, you can do your yoga exercises together or follow an exercise video that you usually do. Make sure that some outings with the family are done together (for example, swimming in the local pool, playing football in the park or flying a kite in the field) instead of sedentary activities, such as taking a drive.

4. Invite your Friends

Let Them Play And Move Be Active

There’s nothing like having friends around to encourage your child to exercise. Invite your best friend to spend some time playing in the children’s pool.

Show them both to roll on a small hill. If you are part of a group of games that meets weekly, make sure that sometimes the children have the opportunity to walk, jump and give somersaults, of course, under the attentive gaze of an adult or plan to meet in the local park so that children can exercise their limbs while you talk.

5. Consider pointing it in a class

Even at this early age, your child can take much advantage of a swimming class, a children’s gym, or a music and movement class. But don’t overdo it. Your temperament, daily routine, and social needs should be your guide. A child who is in daycare five days a week may find that one more class is too much, while a child who is very sociable and spends most of his time with you, can get excited about a couple of scheduled activities a week.

Let Them Play And Move Be Active

The main goal, however, is to make the exercise fun, not to produce a future Olympic athlete. Don’t push your child beautiful in athletics at such an early age. Instead, look for experienced instructors to work with children who will encourage their desire to exercise or play a sport, but don’t press it. It also looks for a team that is safe and ages appropriate, and all forms that favor free play over a strict routine.

Let Them Play And Move Be Active

The size of the class can also be a concern: Some children are overwhelmed in noisy situations and a lot of little jumping everywhere. Before you commit, ask your child to attend the class one day to make sure he or she will enjoy it.

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