How To Lighten Dark Lips Naturally

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How To Lighten Dark Lips Naturally

How to lighten dark lips naturally at home? Who does not want naturally beautiful lips? It includes more fascinated by the face and makes your face at the bottom all the more beautiful. In the event that your lips have lost its natural color for excellence tanning can homecare weed providing beautiful and rosy pink lips than ever?
You can use home remedies to get rid of dark lips naturally.

30 home remedies to lighten dark lips

1.) Sugar Scrub to lighten dark lips

Use sugar to remove the dead skin from your lips. The sugar acts as a scrub. It helps reduce tanning from your lips and gives your lips a pink hue. Rehash this daily to have black lips.

2.) Root beet juice to lighten dark lips

Apply 2-3 drops of beet juice and rub the lips. Beet will make your lips pink, pleasant them a look heavenly.

3.) Olive oil to lighten dark lips

Rub one or two drops of olive oil on your lips. This will reduce the dark and saturate lips.

4.) Lemon juice to lighten dark lips

Yes! We all understand that lemon juice is not uncommon for hair and on a basic level is more pronounced for the skin. It is equally rewarding to make your lips, pretty and beautiful. Squeeze a lemon and then apply a few drops on the lips, and you will see that the dark pigmentation is eliminated and your lips will have all the stores to be soft.

5.) Pink flower lighten dark lips

Take 2-3 drops of rose oil flowers and apply it on the lips. Oil rose flower will give you toned pink lips, of course.

6.) Honey & Raspberry to lighten dark lips

Take honey, raspberry and lemon juice in equal quantity and mix. Apply this liquid balm on the lips and leave. Honey and lemon in combination reduce the darkness from your lips and will give raspberry pink, everybody needs to have around.

7.) Brush your lips to lighten dark lips

When you brush your teeth in the morning, be sure to brush your teeth also, at the same time. This will fill as a scrubber and to remove dead skin cells. Apply a lip balm along this mediocre.

8.) Coconut oil and almond oil to lighten dark lips

Mix coconut oil and almond oil in equal measure. Fill a container and replace your lip balm with it. Use this fluid regularly on your lips to lips softer and fuller.

9.) Vaseline to lighten dark lips

Undoubtedly! Apply petroleum jelly to make your lips soft and beautiful.

10.) Scrub to lighten dark lips

Take an ordinary walnut or almond scrub and rub on your lips to remove dead skin cells. Dead skin looks, from each edge, to be black. Scrub will remove dead skin cells, keeping the soft and rosy lips.

11.) Almond & Sugar to lighten dark lips

Take honey, sugar and almond oil and mix well. Use the paste to scrub the black lips. Almond oil saturates your lips, sugar scrub lips while honey gives lips their natural color.

12.) Tea Tree Oil to lighten dark lips

Apply a few drops of tea tree oil on your lips and leave. You can also use it as an ordinary lip balm. This will give a natural color for the lips.

13.) Turmeric powder to lighten dark lips

Take some ‘of turmeric powder and mix honey with turmeric powder. Use this honey and turmeric paste on the lips as a lip balm and leave.

14.) Saffron & curd to lighten dark lips

Stir a few threads of saffron in the curd and leave it for a few minutes. Post this on your lips for better relief.

15.) Pineapple & Papaya to lighten dark lips

Take the pineapple and papaya pumpkin in the right amount and rub it on your lips. Regular application and repeated will make your lips soft and pink.

16.) Butter to lighten dark lips

Apply butter on your lips. It seems curious really want to meet the other. Use butter on a regular basis will give viscosity and make your lips soft.

17.) Castor oil, lemon juice and glycerin to lighten dark lips

Mix castor oil, lemon juice and glycerin in equal quantities and stored in a container. Apply this liquid lip balm on the lips. This will give pined for bright red lips.

18.) Orange Peel to lighten dark lips

Do not discard the orange peel; it can be incredibly valuable to your lips. Grind orange peel into a fine paste and rub it on your lips for a nice shade.

19.) Glycerin to lighten dark lips

Take 2-3 drops of glycerin and massage it on the lips and the message well. This will remove the dark lips and restore the natural color of the lips.

20.) Coriander leaves to lighten dark lips

Before going to the palace, rub some new coriander leaves on your face and leave it overnight. In the morning, note capacity.

21.) Aloe Vera Gel to lighten dark lips

Cut a leaf of the aloe vera gel and extract from it. Regular application of this gel will reduce the stain from your lips.

22.) Mustard oil to lighten dark lips

First off, put 1-2 drops of mustard oil in your sea. Do this to get reliable bright red lips and deceiving.

23.) Cream liberal and tomato paste to lighten dark lips

Take ½ tablespoons tomato, zucchini and ½ tablespoon cream and impressive blend together. Rub this paste on the lips a rosy color.

24.) Potato juice to lighten dark lips

The potato is extremely profitable to reduce dark lips. Apply juice of raw potato on the lips.

25.) Cucumber juice to lighten dark lips

Cucumber can give the lips they are after all vibrant after. Apply cucumber juice on the lips and keeps the length you can. Rehash this reply in 15-20 days and see sophistication.

26.) The honey to lighten dark lips

Put 1-2 drops of honey on his lips and massage. Honey saturates your lips and reduces the darkness.

27.) Rose petals and milk to lighten dark lips

Pound a new pair of rose petals in milk and blend to create a fine paste. Use this paste on your face and leave. Re-apply until you see the effect. Milk reduces dark shadow and rose petals make your rosy lips and big.

28.) Ice cubes to lighten dark lips

And ‘incredibly key to keeping your lips to hydrate as a basic need the ultimate goal of controlling the dry lips and black. Next, rub ice cubes on cubes lips. Ice is known to have a moisturizing effect on the lips.

29.) Strawberry Juice & Vaseline to lighten dark lips

Take 1 teaspoon of petroleum jelly and 1 tablespoon of strawberry juice and make a lovely pink colored jelly. Put in a container and used on a daily basis.

30.) Pomegranate seeds and milk to lighten dark lips

Take 1 tbsp pomegranate seeds in a blender and blend adjacent 1-2 tablespoons milk. The consistency should be similar to a spot. Without further ado, rub this paste on your lips to remove dead skin from your lips and black.

Other helpful tips to keep your lips from getting dark:

  • Do not smoke because it causes dark lips.
  • Restrict the use of espresso.
  • Do not vacuum lips.
  • Wear a lip balm with SPF rare everywhere you go out.
  • Saturate your lips and keep them moisturized.
  • Keep your sound method and consuming nutritious.

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