Mom And Mom, A Thing Or Two About Being A Mother

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Mom And Mom, A Thing Or Two About Being A Mother

When we became mothers, we experienced for the first time a level of love that we had never experienced. We feel that there are not enough words to describe these new and powerful emotions.

And we feel something so unique and so great that we want to share it with the world, shouting to the four winds that being a mom is the best thing that ever happened to us. I do not doubt that there are those who read these words and think: “Well, what happens to this?” “The kids are cute, but it’s not that bad.” There will be people who think differently from me, who may not feel that way, and both opinions are valid.

The problem is that sometimes we as mothers, by living this unique experience, cling to thinking that all women should live it. And almost without noticing, we become heavy with others having children.

The world is full of people with different opinions. Two people with the same lifestyle can think completely differently about some specific topic. Personally, I find that as something positive because it is just that different way of thinking, which helps to make the world something always new. But let’s get back to the mother thing.

I think that there is nothing, absolutely nothing, which can make you feel the emotions that make us feel like a mother. For me, for example, I have gone crazy with love, making me realize that I can give more than I thought. That I can be more humble and more generous than I imagined it could be before I had children.

And it is a feeling so difficult to describe or compare, that we would love that all women could live it. And of course, the only way to know what mothers feel is to be one. So why do we become so heavy with the mothers that the others have children?

Because we are happy and we want others to be

Just like that, simple. No more, no less. Being a mother is like becoming another person or traveling to another planet is to make way for new emotions, feelings, ways of thinking and acting.

Mom And Mom, A Thing Or Two About Being A Mother

But certainly what makes us feel like moms is love for our children. There is nothing that can match what gives us a kiss, a hug or an “I love you” to our children. It is pure and absolute happiness.

It’s such a beautiful feeling that we came to think, “How come I lived before without knowing this?” And we want the whole world to feel it because something that is monumental must live it all at some point in their lives. And inadvertently, we become heavy:

When are you going to have kids? Don’t you want to be a mother? But look, she’s so pretty. My life is not the same since I had my baby. Being a mom is the best thing that’s ever happened to me. Is that if you had a son, you would know the true happiness.
And even though we may have the best intentions, we must understand one thing: not all women want to be mothers. And that’s fine. Do you know why? Because everyone is free to choose what makes them happy.

What for us can be something indispensable in our lives, for others may not be? Some women choose not to have children because they like the lifestyle they have and do not see themselves as mothers. Others prefer to prioritize their careers, follow their professional dreams and the mother not to adapt to their work life plan. Although motherhood doesn’t have to be at odds with achieving your dreams, but at the end of the day, reasons can be many, and they are all respectable.

Some people think it is sad that a woman does not have children, a rather traditionalist thought that is still in effect in many countries. We must remember and always keep in mind that the value of a woman does not give him the self or not to be a mother. So let’s leave that habit of asking, “How about you, for when?” or “When are you going to get pregnant?”, and for everyone to choose what makes her happy.

“When are you going to get pregnant?” is an uncomfortable question that you shouldn’t do

When a couple marries or take several years together, people start to look at them with “When the baby?”, As if having children was the next natural step. Some do not even cut and make her the awkward question: “When are you going to get pregnant?”

There are mainly two reasons why it is a question you should not ask: first, because it is a question that does not show interest for others, but interest to get into their lives, and second, because there may be a problem of infertility or health that the couple does not want to share with you.

Mom And Mom, A Thing Or Two About Being A Mother

It is a more frequent question of what is believed, especially when two, three years have passed, and the baby still does not arrive. Suddenly, it seems that everyone is concerned about your reproductive health. It’s awkward.

Some people take it with a lot of humor

  • Couple-Dog

Matt and Abby is a couple with a lot of sense of humor than the uncomfortable question; they threw an indirect in the form of photographic session. Tired of being asked when they were going to have children they made a baby photo shoot with their dog!

It was not in their plans to have children, but a dog cute. That’s why they asked a photographer friend to make a series of photos the day the puppy came to their lives. So they hushed up the questions about their paternity.

Others respond by giving a good lesson

  • Emily

On the other hand, there are people whom the question already falls quite heavy. It has made it known to family and friends, Emily Bingham, a writer who has pretended to be pregnant by going up the photo of ultrasound to her Facebook profile.

Next to the ultrasound was a text in which he said:

Hello, everyone! Now that I have your attention with this photo of ultrasound that I took from a Google search, I just wanted to remind you that the decisions and the plans of reproduction and procreation of the people are none of your business.

Before you ask a young married couple, who has been together ever since when they will start to build a family … Before you ask the parents of a single child when they will give you a little brother or sister … Before you ask someone 30 years when it arises to have children because their biological clock is ticking … wait and think.
You think that you may be trying to get pregnant, you may have infertility problems, or you may have had an abortion, and it’s painful to talk about it.

As Emily says on her wall, before asking this question, stop and think that it can cause “pain, sadness, stress and frustration,” so if you care about that person, that couple, avoid making the uncomfortable question “when do you plan to get pregnant?”. And if you do it, because there are people who have a touch level zero, feel free to answer: “It’s none of your business.”

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