How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

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How To Prevent Stretch Marks During Pregnancy

How to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy naturally?
Pregnancy stretch marks are a natural side effect of the skin around the abdomen, it stretching out to force stomach developer. They start out as red stripes and beat glittering in the long run. It is conceivable to prevent and reduce the appearance of stretch marks on the off chance that you shop at the time of pregnancy.

1.) Diet to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

You’re probably eating healthy dinner adjusted to ensure your child gets enough vitamins and supplements. Consolidate foods that are particularly useful for the welfare of the skin can improve skin elasticity, which helps to prevent stretch marks for framing. Add the following foods to your daily diet:
Foods which rich in cancer prevention agents, which help to nourish and protect the skin is good. Eating lots of strawberries, spinach, blueberries and other fruits and vegetables are great for your skin.
Foods containing vitamin E, which protects the cell membranes of the skin such as edible seeds, avocado, broccoli, nuts, and collard greens.
Foods that contain vitamin A, which repairs skin tissue such as carrots, pumpkin, sweet potato, mango and red pepper.
Foods containing omega 3, which keeps cell membranes healthy and make the spark skin such as eating fish, fish oil, nuts, eggs and seafood.

2.) Stay hydrated to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

Water helps to detoxify the body and keep the skin cells strong, making the skin healthier and more likely to recover from anxiety caused by stretching. Get plenty of water to practice these trends:
Drink 8 glasses of water a day to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. If you think that it is difficult to consume so much water that send a large jug of water that contains what might be called two glasses of water. Fill 4 times for the duration of the day, instead of having to fill glass insulation 8 times. It will be enough drinking water to a lesser extent a nuisance.
Drinking tea house grew to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Picking tea without juice helps the body to stay hydrated, and can ease the boredom of drinking only water consistently.
Eating fruits and vegetables with a lot of water such as consume vegetables that have a lot of water is a good alternative way to hydrate. Choose strawberries, honeydew, watermelon and other wet fruits as opposed to eating sweets heated.

3.) Exercise in middle pregnancy to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

Practice helps the skin maintain its elasticity, improve circulation in the body. As a useful addition, exercise helps to avoid getting too much weight too fast, control stretch marks begin. Consolidation exercise into your daily schedule in the following ways:
Perform exercises designed to make it easier pregnancy for your body. Pull, Kegel exercises, and other developments base may help keep blood moving and keep more open in mid-pregnancy.
Try pregnancy yoga and other low-impact exercises. Yoga and Pilates provides a great workout without you need to move in ways that may feel uncomfortable when you are pregnant.

4.) Gain weight gradually to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy

Stretch marks occur when you get a lot of weight quickly. In the case where it takes in accordance with your specialist to increase the weight gradually, on the contrary, to put on your pregnancy weight while significantly reducing the risk that you will end up with stretch marks.
Refrain from “eating for two.” You must eat more calories than you did before you were pregnant, but not twice as many people.
When you feel the urge to get ahead, get a small taste of livelihood really need – say, desserts – and a solid portion of strawberries or food grown from the earth. You will realize your sense of taste and feel full.

  • Skin care treatment to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

5.) Dry brushing to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

Throw your skin with a dry brushing improves circulation and keeps skin healthy. It is prescribed as a way to reduce the appearance of stretch marks that have shaped in an efficient way, but dry brushing can also be used as a method of prevention.
Use a dry brush filaments produced using natural. Swarms should be tempered, but not all that difficult.
Start at the bottom of the legs and brush the skin up to your heart. Focus on areas where stretch marks can be a problem, just like your hindquarters and belly. When you wash, take a shower to wash away dead skin cells.
Do not use a dry brush on your breasts, since the skin is more delicate and can be damaged by brushing.

6.) Avoid chemicals to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

Do not use chemicals on the skin to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Numerous body washes businesses include sulfates, which can dehydrate the skin and reduce its elasticity in the long run. Choose a soap made from natural oils that moisturize the skin, instead of making it lose a lot of moisture.
Coconut oil can act as a detergent healthy skin. Rub on the skin, rinsed with warm water and pat the skin with a soft towel.
It may not be important to use a cleanser on the skin, especially on the off chance that it tends to come to be dry. Wash skin with warm water and pat dry.

7.) Moisturize the skin to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

It is important to use a moisturizer to hydrate the skin of the abdomen, hips, lower back, thighs, legs, and other places you can get stretch marks. Lotion usage penetrates the skin deep enough to keep hydrated, and then use an item made especially for pregnant women, or try using natural oil.
Bio-oil, cocoa butter, almond oil, shea butter, wheat germ and decisions are widely and effectively saturate the skin in the middle of a pregnancy.  Hydrate your skin in the morning in the wake of washing and again during the evening. In the case where it is recognized tingling where the skin is generally tight, which is a sign to add more moisturizing around there.

8.) Use sunscreen to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

If you leave for some swimming or invest eventually in the sun, be sure to use plenty of sunscreen on your stomach, hips, stomach and other areas where stretch marks can occur. The sun’s rays are harsh on the skin, so its imperative to explicitly protect yourself while you are pregnant.

  • Maintaining a good routine after delivery to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy

9.) Eat nutritious food of the skin to prevent stretch mark during pregnancy

Continue to eat foods that nourish the skin. Do not stop the use of fresh fruit, fish, vegetables and avocados after child birth. The time for delivery is an important window to ensure your skin continues to get the vitamins they need to bounce back and recover from stretching.
Do not go on a crash diet to lose weight after pregnancy. Losing more and more, and gradually expanded, so your skin has program-wise space to tighten itself.
Continue hydrating yourself with plenty of water to help the skin maintain its elasticity.

10.) The exercise preventing stretch marks during pregnancy

When the baby is born, it is forced to do exercises that are protected in the middle of a pregnancy. Exercise four or five times a week, focusing on the following areas:
Quality is preparing to avoid stretch marks during pregnancy. Building strong muscles help the skin tightened. Try to lift weights and work with a mentor to make sense of what exercises are ideal for you.
Cardio workouts prevent stretch marks during pregnancy. Swimming, cycling and running to keep up healthy and help the skin to bounce back into shape.

11.) The treatment for preventing stretch marks during pregnancy

On the off chance that does not end with a pair of stretch marks – which can happen whether you take preventive measures – treat them while they are still new. Apply a stretch mark treatment containing glycolic acid to your stomach.
Solution creams containing retinoid, which should not be taken during pregnancy and lactation, have also been shown to help with stretch marks.
Use glycolic acid and retinoid, meanwhile, can produce results preferred over using only the products.

Other tips to prevent stretch marks during pregnancy:
You can make your pregnancy stretch mark cream with olive oil, cocoa butter and vitamin E cream.
Stretch marks are to some extent inherited. In the event that your mother has them, probably so, even if the adoption of preventive measures can reduce their appearance.

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