The Puberty, a Book That Shows All You Need To Know About Puberty

The Puberty, a Book That Shows All You Need To Know About Puberty

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What is puberty?

The Puberty, a Book That Shows All You Need To Know About Puberty

Puberty is usually defined as the period in which sexual maturity appears and the reproductive organs become functional. This is manifested in both sexes by the appearance of the secondary sexual characteristics: the growth of the breasts and the menstruation in the girls, and the first ejaculation (exit of semen of the penis) and the change of the voice in the boys.

How will a teenagers’ puberty affect their parents?

One or two years before reaching puberty, the boy or girl will change physically and emotionally. First, its growth suddenly increases, then slows down and finally stops around the age of 18. The accelerated growth that girls experience at puberty occurs at an earlier age than boys.

The Puberty, a Book That Shows All You Need To Know About Puberty

At puberty, the teenager’s attitude towards his or her parents is likely to change. They often think their parents are impossible, angry and even outdated. On the contrary, parents may find their children brazen and intractable. Obviously it can be a troublesome period.

During puberty, this development continues and clashes between adolescents and parents can be prolonged. It is perfectly natural and inevitable that tensions and controversies between parents and adolescents arise. In fact, that there is no conflict can be more alarming for the parents, since it may mean that the son or daughter is hiding their problems.

If adolescents continue to avoid their emotional conflicts they may occasionally have trouble establishing a normal relationship with other people.

How do youth look at themselves at puberty?

The Puberty, a Book That Shows All You Need To Know About Puberty

At puberty, most boys and girls are uncomfortable with their image. They may not like your looks. They feel clumsy, shy and insecure.

In boys, the voice cracks; And in boys and girls acne and pimples can make the situation even worse. Few teenagers even consider the possibility of consulting their doctor for these problems and a request for advice from their parents seldom helps.

During puberty, your son or daughter is becoming a sexually mature adult. Their sex organs grow and their bodies change physically. The boys and the girls start to grow hair in the armpits and in the pubis. The girls grow their breasts and the boys have a beard.

During puberty, young people want to be like any of their age. That’s why girls are often unhappy if they have their first rule before the rest of the girls in their class or if they are the first or last to develop the breasts.

Puberty, child or adult?

Puberty is a period of contrasts as the teenager changes his feelings, from being a boy or a girl to becoming an adult.

Friendship with other boys or girls your age can strengthen your teen’s confidence or security. Insecurity, on the other hand, can make them want to imitate others in their age group.

Puberty is a period of life in which the young person begins to feel liberated. But parental support is still of paramount importance. Parents are not only a safe network but also the platform from which the teenager can experiment and occasionally jump.

Dangers of adolescence.

Adolescence is a critical stage characterized by rebellion. Rebellion to parents and family, to educators, to established norms.

During puberty adolescents go through difficult times; They often suffer from an existential crisis and do not take refuge not from parents but from friends and peers. Sometimes, this crisis leads to depression, with the feared risk of suicide that threatens these young people.

But there are more risks around the boys and girls of this age. Usually they are the years in which they begin in the consumption of toxic substances (tobacco, alcohol, drugs) if not in the abuse of the same ones (the typical drunken ones of the weekends, the long nights of discoteca supported thanks to the ecstasy in some Cases, the onset of marijuana use and even drugs such as cocaine or heroin).

The Puberty, a Book That Shows All You Need To Know About Puberty

Girls, who already have the rule and are flirtatious and attractive, if not provocative, are threatened by the risk of unwanted pregnancies after the first sexual intercourse, for which they are often not prepared or even informed.

The boys, stronger and attracted by risk, experiment with sports and risky activities (mountaineering, speed of motorcycles and cars …). Boys and girls suffer the first school failures and, many, leave school in search of work to forge a longed for independence as soon as possible.

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