Things About Parenthood, Things You Can Do As A Parent

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Things you CAN DO (and others not) With The Four Weeks Of Low Parenthood

As we already tell you, those who are fortunate enough to become parents as of January 1 of this year will be able to enjoy the new paternity leave of four weeks. As expected such a measure has not been exempt from both praise and controversy and criticism from various sectors.

As it seems that not everyone has very clear what the parents will use this permission and as we know that there is always some clueless or suspicious that does not finish clarifying here I leave some of the things you can do in these four weeks and of course, some you better avoid.

It’s a permit, not a vacation.

Despite the similarity in time and form with that Dear month of paid vacation (more or less), we enjoy all (more or less), paternity leave is not a vacation, at least in the strict sense of the expression. Yes, we do not have to go to work, and no, we cannot devote to be sunbathing, or put in the bar “the bacon” all afternoon. You’ve just been a father, and there are a lot of things to do. So get to work.

Enjoy the new family with more calm

Things About Parenthood, Things You Can Do As A Parent

(Understand “calm” that leaves us the baby) For me, this will always be the main goal in both parents and mothers. We no longer have the rush of the two weeks between the hospital, the visits and the paperwork, when you managed to focus you had to go back to work. Now there is more time to assimilate, reorganize our life and start enjoying the new paternity, either for the first time or as a veteran.

Perform the same procedures as when there were only two weeks

The permit has been extended, and there are procedures that we can do directly from the hospital, but there are others that continue to require us to move, so we have occupied a couple of mornings.

Take care of the home’s quartermaster

The arrival of a baby usually brings changes in the routines, and as a result, some tasks tend to resent or rather, they accumulate. It is normal, the continuous visits, the sleepless nights of the jerk, etc. All this makes certain tasks accumulate, such as washing machines, ironing clothes or even the day that we open the refrigerator and we realize that the purchase has not been made since you were shot to the hospital.

You may have had it all well distributed to date, but now there is a little that requires much of that time and touches a little restructuring of the Department of Quartermaster. It is a good time to take control of the situation until we have all become accustomed to the new routines.

Cook, sweep and perform various chores of the house together

It is a good way to spend time with the kids, and they find their hole at home, and so we keep the house a little neat.

Provide the mother with the necessary support for her to rest

Mothers are amazing, but as well as being able to take it and manage everything, they need to rest, and of course, the mother-infant tandem needs tranquility. To ensure this there are several things we can do like for example:

Controlling visits the theme “visits” can become quite complicated and turn into a persistent headache. Therefore the best thing is that you have spoken, that you know how you want to manage and once you have it clear, is the father who is responsible for this issue does not become a mother, especially when preserving the intimacy of mother and child or countless visits.


Walk the baby when the mom needs to rest: between taking and taking we can go out with the baby and leave the mother who can rest a little, either sleeping or spending time with the older siblings or just shower, reading or whatever you want to do to disconnect for a while. What we should not do: “How much iron there is,” I take the baby, so you do not have to be aware of it and iron at ease, “I take the baby, and so you cook quietly”, “I take the baby, and so you speak quietly with my mother/mother/, etc. of mother things.”

Walk to “visits” for the mother to rest: “Sometimes, it is advisable to leave everything we are doing. Find a good excuse to take away to the visits and let the mother and baby be” apaƱen “alone,” away from the “Well, in my house it was like this …”, “You should do …”, “Let me catch that you have all your life to do it,” “Are you going to breastfeed?” “Come on, Paco, you miss it!” These are situations in which the time has come to teach the neighborhood visits.

To take care of the brothers: we have to remember that if for us it is an experience that can be difficult to manage, for the older siblings also, especially if to date has been a single son or daughter. He or she is going to require you to listen to her and depending on her age; it can be tricky to manage this lack of attention from her parents. Therefore, what we can do is go out with him and do what he likes or play at home with him, explain that the baby now needs special attention, especially from mom, but you still feel the same for him. Also, as I said in the previous point, it is good to allow private moments between the older siblings and the mother.

  • Prepare the food for several days:

You never know what can happen and the time you will have so much to prepare the food, as to sit down to eat. Prepare food for several days and if you do not know how to cook, do not worry, our colleagues from direct to the palate can help you, just follow their simple recipes and sure you will be great.

  • Night Watch:

Nights can be complicated, and if there are siblings who used to wake up at night the safest thing is that now they continue doing it and even become more continuous, it will be our task to take care of it. Remember it’s going to be easier for you to get lost sleep than she is.

Walk the whole family together and enjoy some oxygen: we are clear that the first few days after childbirth the mother is not for many trots, but leaving home and breathe a little fresh air will charge the batteries, at least until the next night.

The dreaded diaper changes

Learn how to change a diaper

If you are not Father time, you can skip this point because in a couple of changes you will have taken practice again if you’re not, and you’ve never changed one, has a crime the thing. If you’re Father time you can read this article that will not take more than five minutes and get you full in the world of diapers, creams, step on and baby poop.

Pick up and take the brothers to school

If you didn’t use to do it before because of your work schedules, there’s no excuse. For your children will be a pleasant experience and novelty.

Write a journal

It may seem strange, but there will be many sensations and experiences that you will like to remember in a few years when your baby is no longer so small.

Things About Parenthood, Things You Can Do As A Parent

Enjoy a rest time

There will always be things that have to be done and can not wait, at some point you can find a hole for both, to only sit together and do nothing or to think and assimilate everything that is happening to you.

It has been some of our proposals, we do not leave some more, and surely you will have a few that have not been collected. Remember that it is an excellent opportunity to be able to enjoy your family, to support your partner in a very difficult month at all levels, a month to consider many things in our life, enjoy.

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