Top 10 Home Remedies, For Baldness And Hair loss

Top 10 Home Remedies, For Baldness And Hair loss

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Top 10 Home Remedies, For Baldness And Hair loss

Want to know the best home remedies for hair loss and baldness?

Baldness – This is one of the problems that a lot of people are facing at this time. There are some people who do not care who already beginning to bald because they entered their age, but for people who are still young, and already bald, baldness can be a big problem. Contrary to popular belief that only men suffer from this condition, there are also some women who claim to have thinning hair over time.

While it can be exciting to try different home remedies for baldness, it will be better if the main causes of baldness can be detected earlier. This way, if ever you have this problem, identify the cause.

What causes baldness and hair loss?

Aging – It is true that as people age, there are several nutrients that are needed by the body, are not met. The skin starts to become dry and flaky and the scalp is affected as well.
Stress – People sometimes get too stressed out because of all the things you need to do. When stress becomes too much, it can cause hair loss, and when hair loss starts to happen, people will be even more stressed. Avoid stressful situations may be the solution.
Medical Conditions – There are some medical conditions such as thyroid can cause hair loss. Contact your doctor for more details about this can help a lot.

These are just some of the causes of hair loss. There is still a lot more that people should know.

1. Use Essential oil massage to get rid of baldness in women

It is advisable to put oil on your hair because you want to make it look stylish and sleek, but apart from that, you should know that you can also put a little oil on the scalp for a massage to make your hair grow better and more complete. The oil right plus proper massage will help the blood flow in the hair follicles and make your hair grow.


  • In order to obtain a mixture of coconut oil, olive oil and castor oil. To mix well, put a few drops of rosemary oil.
  • Place on the scalp and massage it very easily.
  • Do this once every week.

2. Henna Leaves

Usually, when you hear of henna, you might want to think about things that people use instead of tattoos when they just want something that is temporary. To remember that the leaves of henna are very popular in some parts of the world because not only is known for making the color of the hair and make it shiny, it can also prevent hair loss.


  • Boil some henna leaves in mustard oil.
  • Let henna leaves in mustard oil to cool and mixed with coconut oil.
  • Apply on the scalp and the rest of your hair about twice a week.

3. Hay Greek

It might not be too familiar with hay Greek, but it will be a time that you use to prevent hair loss. The Greek hay is also known as methi and can help prevent hair loss because it has precedents hormones, which in turn can improve hair growth. It can also help hair follicles become healthier by providing more hair.


  • Soak a cup of Greek hay seeds in a bowl of clean water overnight.
  • Grinding the seeds hay Greek after until it becomes doughy.
  • Apply the paste on the hair and scalp and leave for half an hour.
  • You can place a shower cap while you have it on your hair to make it more effective.
  • Rinse hair.
  • Do this every day for a month or until you get the desired result.

4. Try Onions

Probably you want to stay away from onions because of how it smells, but what if you want to learn, that it is very effective against hair loss? You want to decide that you like instead? The onion can be effective in treating hair loss, scattered.


  • Cut the onion in half and place the onions on the affected side in the morning and evening.
  • Keep rubbing onion until the area becomes reddish.
  • Place the honey in the area to relieve redness.
  • Do this every day until the results start to show.

5. Amla

If you are not familiar with what is Amla, also known as Indian gooseberry. The main reason that you can be a good remedy for baldness is because it has a lot of vitamin C. Vitamin C is one of the reasons why people experience hair loss and hair loss. Having enough vitamin C in the body can help counteract this.


  • Mix amla pulp with lemon juice.
  • Massage the mixture on your scalp for a few minutes. Make sure that this will be done carefully.
  • Cover your hair with a shower cap and leave overnight.
  • Hair shampoo in the morning.

6. Salad with spinach

These greens are known to have some properties that can help prevent hair loss and can help prevent baldness. They are rich in vitamins that can help promote hair growth also.


  • Make a paste with lettuce and spinach. This can be achieved by placing the two fields in a blender.
  • When the pasta is ready, place it on the affected areas of the scalp.
  • Allow the paste for a certain period. This is usually recommended to be placed on the head about 15 minutes before bathing.
  • Washing by immersion.
  • Do this about 4 times each week.

7. Aloe Vera

Aloe Vera is known to be a good home remedy for baldness is probably because one of the ingredients usually located in shampoo. Aloe Vera basic properties that can neutralize the pH level of the hair and scalp. This of course can promote hair growth.


  • Apply Aloe Vera on the hair and scalp.
  • Let Aloe Vera on the hair for about 3-4 hours.
  • Wash the residue with hot water.
  • Do this about three times a week to achieve the desired results.

8. Lemon and pepper Against

Lemon is known to have a lot of vitamin C, skin and hair needed, it does not fall. The vitamin C deficiency is one of the reasons that people who suffer from hair loss. This can be changed using the lemon and pepper against.


  • Taken against pepper and lemon and squeeze together.
  • Add a little ‘of water to make a smooth paste.
  • Put the paste on the affected area of ​​the scalp.
  • Do this about twice a week.

9. Use licorice root to get rid of hair loss in men

A lot of people are not too familiar with licorice root because they are more familiar with candy – licorice. Remember that licorice root can be crucial in preventing hair loss. Licorice root is mollifying property and this can help open the pores of the scalp. This can also help reduce scalp redness and irritation that can cause hair loss.


  • Licorice root grinding until it is in the form of powder.
  • Put the powder licorice root with milk and saffron.
  • Put the paste on the scalp and leave it on all night.
  • Wash your hair in the morning.
  • Do this at least a month.

10. Beet Juice

Another thing that can be used to help prevent baldness is sugar beet. The main reason it is so effective because it contains carbohydrates, protein and lots of other vitamins that can help in hair growth essential.


  • Mix the juice of beetroot as one of the things that you can place on your diet.
  • It is also possible that beet juice along with all other fruit juices that are made every day.

Here are some of the natural home remedies that you can try to help prevent baldness.

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