Top 10 Home Remedies, To Get Rid Of Moles On The Skin Naturally

Top 10 Home Remedies, To Get Rid Of Moles On The Skin Naturally

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Top 10 Home Remedies, To Get Rid Of Moles On The Skin Naturally

Most people have moles. This is the result of having the melanocytes in the skin. If if you’re not familiar with what melanocytes are, it is the task of melanin that gives the skin color. There are times when people do not mind their birthmarks or moles are very happy with it, but there are also some who would like to get rid of moles on their face because of the way they look.

For some people, it is important to get rid of them because moles can be cancerous. Usually cancer moles have a certain look and tend to change in shape, color and size. It will be wise to consult a doctor if you suspect that the recently could be cancer. If your mole in the case is smooth, but you want to get rid of it, they do not undergo more surgery mole removal and treatment. Why not try doing some home remedies to get rid of your moles before? You never know, these methods actually work.

1. Garlic

When it is a natural home remedy for mole removal, garlic is always one of the first things that should have been listed. It contains natural enzymes which can be instructed to break down the pigments that can cause moles to form. If used on moles that are flat, it can immediately lighten dark pigmentation. You can work quickly, so people usually choose this method.

  • Take a clove of garlic and crush until it becomes a paste.
  • Protect the area around the mole with oil or petrolatum, because the garlic has a tendency to burn the skin.
  • Add garlic on the dock and leave it on all night.
  • Do this for about five days until the mole falls off.

2. Iodine

If you believe that garlic is too strong or not you can stand the smell of garlic, the best thing you can do is get iodine. Iodine is safe to use even if you have sensitive skin.

  • Dip the tip of iodine and place it directly on the pier.
  • Do this about three times a day for a few days.
  • After a while, you will notice that there is a change in the appearance of the mole.
  • Wait a few more days, and continue to make the process until the city fell.

3. Castor Oil

While it may despise castor oil when you need to consume, can castor be very useful when you only need to put it on your skin. It can be very effective in getting rid of “skin abnormalities” as moles, skin tags, and even warts. While this does not leave scars like other remedies, it may take months before moles finally fall or disappear.
Mix castor oil and a small amount of baking soda until you make a paste.

  • Place dough on the surface of the mole.
  • Leave the paste on wheels in a few hours.
  • The paste dries after a few hours.
  • This can be done about twice each day.

4. Pineapple

Pineapple is made of a host of enzymes that can break down the outer layers of mole when used. This may be mixed with sea salt, in order to double its effect and efficiently break down the

  • pigments that cause the mole to be together.
  • Mix pineapple juice and a generous amount of sea salt.
  • Make sure the salt is still a bit “over when applied to the skin.
  • The mixture can be placed at the mall. Leave the mixture for a few hours. You can also choose to leave it overnight.

5. Onion Juice

The main reason for that onion juice can be very effective in getting rid of moles is because it is acidic. This can remove the various layers of moles, which may protrude from the skin. In addition to getting rid of moles, onion juice can even out skin tone of the people.

  • Get fresh onion juice and apply it on the mole using of tip.
  • Leave on the skin for about half an hour then wash with clean water.
  • Doing this means about three times a day over a span of a month.

6. Incense

A lot of people are not too familiar with incense, but those who know some details about it is aware that it can be a very effective home remedy to use to get rid of moles on the skin. Incense acts as an astringent and can remove moles after used frequently.

  • Mix olive oil with frankincense essential oil.
  • Place the mixture in the dock and let it sit for a few hours. If you want to leave it on overnight, it would be for you.
  • Do this about 2-3 times a day, every week.

7. Honey

You might think at this point that the honey does not act as an effective home remedy for moles, but although it can be eaten on their own and a lot of people as its naturally sweet taste, contains anti-bacterial and healing properties that many can effectively and safely remove moles from your skin.

  • Mix honey with a little “of linseed oil to double the intensity of this home remedy.
  • Dab a small amount of honey on the mole.
  • Let the wheel for a few hours. After that, rinse with water.

8. Aloe Vera

The great thing is that Aloe Vera is not mad at all. This may be the perfect home remedy to try, especially if you have problems with the products that are too acidic for your skin. This can actually lighten and remove moles on your skin.

  • Cut a fresh leaf of Aloe Vera in the middle and put the gel directly on the pier.
  • Let aloe vera gel on top of the mass for about 3-4 hours.
  • Do this about three times a day over a period of one month. Sometimes, it takes longer for the effects to take place.

9. Banana peel

Unknown to a lot of people, banana peels contain lots of enzymes that can be effective in helping mole dry up. Basically, what is the banana peel will cause the mole to fall over time.

  • Scrape the inside of banana skin and place it directly on the mole.
  • Wearing a dressing time scraping is at the peak of the amount.
  • Let night dressing.
  • Do these processes to achieve the desired results.

10. Cashews

Aside from being one of cashews favorite people, it can also be effective in getting rid of moles. Essentially, cashews contains some properties that may help get rid of moles effectively.

  • Soak cashews in water overnight.
  • When the die is fully saturate paint cashew nuts until they are in the form of a paste.
  • Apply the paste on the dock and leave for a few hours.
  • Do this every day until you get the desired results.

These are just some of the home remedies that can be tried to effectively get rid of moles. Get rid of your moles now the natural way.

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